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Within My Quantum Water is a combination of programed healing frequencies, sacred sound, light, magnetism, clear quartz and hydrogen ions all merging and embedding into a continuous water vortex.

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Energise your body ON THE GO

To maintain our crazy busy lifestyles we need the most energising water available to us so we are ready for whatever life throws at us.

Magnetic-field enhanced

Incorporated into this device is a magnetic array of rare earth magnets to create magnetic fields influencing the waters energy and physical structure. This EM field also gives your water a softer feel and smooth like quality when consumed.

Perfect design

A unique blend of conductive mineral drops are also incorporated into the preparation providing every cell in your body with the fuel and nutrients they require to help them send and receive messages, absorb nutrients operate at optimum performance. No more sluggish tired cells running on flat batteries as they welcome high energy life giving water molecules filled with positive subtle energies. It’s like plugging your phone back into full charge.


Intelligent hydration

At the push of a button you can create your own intelligent living water that mimics nature - nourishing all of your cells, providing ultimate hydration and promoting anti-aging.

Quantum vortex technology

Quantum Water uses vortex technology that allows you to make freshly structured crystalline water on the go just like you would find in a fresh running stream filled with energy, life and vitality.

Amplify your spirit

The crystalline molecular structure found in water resembles nature’s optimised state of coherence and intelligence. Absorbing, storing and transmitting information and subtle energy from the Quantum Water device back into every cell of your being. This is your body, make it flow. Raise the quality and standard of your drinking water, taking a huge leap forward from tap or plastic-bottled water to a new evolution of water quality.

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Water is sacred, it connects all consciousness, all life forms, all realms. Water is able to be programmed to heal and enchance any part of the body.


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